Plattekill 1/3/14

Date(s) Skied: 1/3/14, 1/4/14

Resort or Ski Area: Plattekill

Conditions: Powder

Trip Report:

Wacky weekend for me, I set my alarm for 4 AM, and fell asleep around 11:30. I awoke at 1:30 and couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to shovel my driveway. I ended up hitting the road around 4:30. I almost decided to travel to Oneonta on rt7, as I was afraid I wasn't supposed to be traveling on I 88. The roads were actually pretty decent. I was able to travel comfortably at 55-60 mph. I got to Oneonta about 6, and thought I'd arrive at Platty way early, this didn't turn out to be the case. I pulled in at 8:15.

Platty had received 14" overnight. There weren't a ton of people there early on, so fresh tracks were to be had all morning. The double was not spinning until an hour or so after opening, but all the trails in that pod can be accessed via cross trails a little further down than the summit. With all the doom and gloom about the brutal temps, my car read 1°, I overdressed and was sweating by balls off after a couple runs, even with the vents on my jacket open. I had to stop and shed a layer, and swap my Mad Bomber hat for my helmet. My goggles iced up on my first run.

Attachment 10126
Freefall, only a couple tracks prior to mine.

Attachment 10127
Looking up Freefall, still virgin

Attachment 10128
Nice tree shot off of one of the bike trails.

Attachment 10129

Attachment 10130
Hybrid wood/gas fire, the grate is too high, the coals fall through, and are too far from the wood to keep the fire going.

I tweaked my left knee skiing Snow Ridge New Year's Day, powder knee? It didn't bother me at all until I took a warm up break. After it was quite painful. It's not within the joint, the petella tendon is sore, tendinitis is my guess. As I was on my way in for a break, I ran into Scotty, who had just arrived and was heading to the lift. I made one run with him, and I was done for the day, about 2. I sat by the fire for the remainder of the afternoon. I left for our motel in Margaretville, and met up again with Scotty. We decided to get a pizza, and found a place in town. The guy who took my call said it would be an hour. I waited in the room, then left Scotty to pick up the pie. I had a little trouble finding the place, and when I got there, I was told no one had ordered a pizza. WTF, I just went back to the motel, I was too tired to delve any further into it. I thought maybe I had found the wrong pizza joint. I checked my phone, nope, they were the place I called. Neither Scotty, nor I, had eaten lunch, and I was looking forward to some hot slices. I settled for a cold turkey sandwich.

Today, I didn't know if I'd be able to ski with my gimpy knee. I stopped at CVS and got an ace bandage figuring a little compression on it might help. I stuck to the groomers in the morning figuring they'd be easier on my knee than the natural terrain. I could make pain free left turns, but right turns would hurt when my knee flexed to a specific angle. Getting off the chair was the worst. I finally decided to ski Plunge, and was suprised that the soft, slightly bumped up terrain was actually easier on my knee. I made a few more runs on natural trails, then headed for home around 2.

I think all my knee needs is rest, but I may have a hard time abstaining from skiing enough to let it heal, I had planned on skiing Gore next Thursday, and Friday. We shall see.q

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