Plattekill – 1/6/2013

A mixed bag.

The good - zero lines; actually zero people at opening bell, filled up a little bit by 11:00am. The trails with snowmaking were all in great shape. The trails without snowmaking were sometimes in great shape and really tempting...

The bad - The natural trails really need some more cover (and I pretty much straigthline or feather the steeps knowing those parts will always be bad). If you found the right line, you were golden and the run was great. Hard to do as obstacles were often hidden. I basically hit something on every natural run. Some no damage, one core shot, minor edge damage. No big deal but takes the fun out of it for me. By Noon when I had to leave, there were a few kicked up rocks from where people must have been scraping down some sections.

I don't know the trees like I used to as I haven't been a regular in years. There used to be a nice short glade after a traverse on the top ridge by a 5 ft section of orange fence after a "cliff" drop on a MTB trail. Totally overgrown with prickers like lots of the woods seem to be. I'm sure the lines are there but I don't know them as well anymore. They should really put some glades on the map and maintain them.

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