Plattekill 2/22/15

To fill out some more Catskill stoke, here are some remarks on Sunday's pow fest.

Best conditions I've _ever_ seen on the mountain. Although, while barely noticeable, it was also the most crowded I've ever seen it as well. Have only been here a couple times, but each time I seem to find a new stash to exploit. This time was no exception.
The storm totals claimed 7" which was probably accurate while the base in the trees hosted at least 2 more feet of cushion-soft snow underneath. Perfect for ripping it up as fast as your skis can carry you. Was bouncing off of every rise and ran through some knee deep drifts at times.

My pics do not do it justice:


While not totally untracked, the new snow helped cover up any previous traces:


The day started off overcast, and foggy at the top, but by 11, the sun started peaking out:


Landmark rock to show the locals where this zone was:


Hit several of these boulders during the day at full speed, this was the only one I was going slow enough to take a pic of.

Another epic day at such an unassuming hill. Enjoy!
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