Plattekill – 3/16/18 – St Platty’s Day

Just got back from St Platty's. This place is absolutely ridiculous right now. The pow is thigh deep in some places. After two massive storms Plattekill has been getting 6-12 inch "refreshers" every day since last weekend. The result is a damn near pristine mountain and woods filled in about as much as you'll ever see them. Everything was in play and I mean everything. People were dropping into the woods everywhere. Everyone was getting at it. The stoke level was high and I had a lot of nice conversations with folks on the lifts.

Arrived at 8:40 and caught the fourth or fifth chair up. I stuck to the double and mainly the woods accessible from there. Plunge and Freefall were left go and had basically a foot and a half*pow on top of bumps leftover from Wednesday's Powderdaze. I didn't even feel the bumps, they were so filled in although as the day progressed they re-bumped up. Didn't matter. There is powder everywhere. The groomers were actually not so great. They were getting wind scoured and a little icy. No matter, the woods were where it was at. Next time I go I need to find somebody who knows the mountain, or explore after the woods are tracked out and its easier to navigate. It's difficult enough for me to ride two feet of pow but when you don't know where to point it to find the ways through the woods you find yourself stopping and getting stuck a lot in tight spots. For a skier this might not be as big a problem but on a board you absolutely need to keep your momentum going, so line pause is a no-no.

Anyway, I found a bunch of fun stuff out there. Put together another little edit in lieu of pictures.

Actually I can throw up some screencaps too. Enjoy!

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