Plattekill 3/7/15

Conditions: machine groomed/crust

Went to platty for the first time yesterday. Was hoping to get some runs in the woods but that was not to be. A guy on the lift said apparently they had to basically groom the whole mountain as there was a crust of ice on top of everything. The groomed trails actually skied really nice with no real scratchy spots except on blockbuster about mid day and some other trails later in the afternoon. Really liked the mountain, very cozy feel and I can see how the terrain would be amazing on a powder day. Only real bumps on the mountain were on the right side of plunge. I ventured into the woods a couple times (one of the mountain bike trails off overlook and another area in the woods to the right of the triple) where I could see more than one track from people venturing in before me but it was super tough to check speed and I gave up pretty quick. Still had a fun day but kinda wish I had gone up to vermont, sounds like they didn't have the icing problem. I don't know if it rained there or just got warm and refroze.
Bumps on plunge
What is this giant crater at the top of the mountain?

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