Plattekill New Year Day Jan 1

So I was planning on being their from open to close and meeting with another A zoner but again no sleep the night before( drank lots wine and took 2 Benadyls . So got the hill around 10 am snow on the whole way up from Rte. 17 to Ny state Rte. 30 nice mountain road just not meant for my old Honda Accord. Got on tripled chair skied some really nice packed powder on some nice blue runs to the left of the chair. Then after some coffee took black chair I think north face the one trail to the left the double was interesting mix of moguls and grooming was kind of sketchy their. Did blockbuster which was all natural I believe it was okay. Lots.of little stems of trees on the natural sticking out few inches. Next snowfall will hopefully cover that up. Snow all day Plattekill lake effect machine:). So took some more nice trails that are.classic turn and curvy very nice, did the one beginning trail from left side and saw some people going in the trees but I was to tired to check it out. Got more coffee with lunch fries and burger was just okay. Took triple chair after lunch and skiied lots of runs. Went by the pond and I should take a picture, one day I will but I think its bigger then Lake Ontario, just kidding but it is huge. Did a few more runs then around 2 it was weird snow fall and getting windy and Sun was going in and out and I was exhausted knowing I have to drive my crappy home so I left. Great day and always great to be at Platty, just got to get snow tires for my car before I go back.

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