Powder Ridge, CT 1-27-2015

So, as much as the allure of slaying Satan’s Stairwell at Ski Sundown was strong, I called an audible and headed to Powder Ridge for a few hours late afternoon into evening. I’m staying in a hotel about 10 miles from Powder Ridge and probably closer to 40 miles from Sundown. With the roads still being a little challenging, I opted to stay close to "home." This especially when I discovered that they would be opening at 4PM. How could I pass up the chance of skiing 15" of blower at this mighty Ridge??

I give Powder Ridge props for even opening at all. The travel ban in central CT was only lifted at 2PM. So, to gather up the staff to make it happen in a couple of hours was pretty cool in my book. When I pulled in, I was a bit disappointed to see a groomer out on the hill. I asked a guy whom later I discovered was the owner if they were grooming everything? He said just the main two runs, but powder would remain elsewhere. The grooming was actually a blessing in disguise I would soon find out.

The owner was operating the resort via walkie talkie while operating the bar. As I was booting up, he asked his two guests to watch the bar as he wanted to take a quick spin on the snowmobile. Next thing I know I saw him racing up the hill. I’m about the fifth person up the lift and then I see him booking it down one of the ungroomed trails, hooting and hollering the way down. Guess the guy likes to have a good time. After his joy ride he went back to manning the bar for the rest of the time I was there.

So, for my first run I took the same trail he did:

I managed to make a few decent turns on this very green pitched blue trail and was thankful at the bottom to have his snowmobile tracks to follow to the lift. The rest of the time I spent on their terrain park trail. For what it was, the terrain park was actually pretty good with several decent size jumps. No major gaps, but not credit card air booters either. This is where the grooming really helped. They groomed down the center, but not the jumps or landings or sides of the trails. So, you could build up enough speed to actually make some full on face shot powder turns. Or you could launch yourself off the jumps into the Pow without fear of lost life or limb. I had a spectacular double eject Tomahawk crash on one of such attempts. Wish I had video.

Those turns in the 15" or so of snow they had very well might end up being the deepest turns I make all season in the East. 😆 They certainly were the deepest turns I had made to date.

From 4 to 5 it was basically me and a handful of other people. Eventually a few dozen cars were in the lot and there was a crowd of 50-60 people having a great time in the new snow.

Grabbed a Sunset picture looking west from the top

So, a pleasant few hours experiencing a little slice of New England skiing I’m likely not to repeat, but also won’t forget. Only complaint I could make of the place other then the pitch (which they can do nothing about) is they are in dire need of additional lights on some of their trails; especially the terrain park trail. 100 yard long dark stretches in a couple places that makes it probably a bit sketchy for some.

And that concludes my Manitoba Mauler Blizzard skiing experience.

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