QWachusett 12/20/13 Night

Got on the hill around 7:45... hit the summit runs 4 times each, Hitchcock twice, and Challenger 3 times between then and closing. Had a bit of a gripe with the crew running the summit lift as they decided to close off the singles line sometime before I got there, which sucked because the main lines were still out the chutes at that point. Not sure why they did that but it was pretty stupid. For that reason, spent the first half hour or so lapping Challenger and Hitchcock, which were both covered in nice carvable firm wet snow.

Up top, Conifer and 10th were more of the same as well. Smith had the same conditions, with what I thought were a few icy patches, but on 2nd look were really some rocks beginning to pop through. By the end of the night there were quite a few bare spots popping up on the steep. Guess I'm not surprised since it's only covered with about a grand total of 24 hours of snowmaking plus the natural snow. That oughta be the run to get some gun love on Christmas.

Be back up maybe Sunday night or Tuesday.

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