Ragged 01-25

Went out for the afternoon with kid to meet with some friends doing the Ride and Ski card 2-1 weekend tour. Lodge and food service were packed. Nobody buying tickets to pair up with for a few min, so got antsy and took a bath on a $54 rack 1/2 day. Lots of HS age racers from the S. Shore of Mass for some event.
6-pack going up every chair full due to good organization from a worker there kept lines under 5 min
Most if not all blacks closed for lack of cover, so not as many options as I'm used to at ragged. Except for Main St. the trails were not too crowded on the main side. The trails were mainly down to hard pack and loose piles, not a terrible thing since I want my daughter to learn on ice too.
Spear was less than a min line and less crowded and scraped off. Cardigan had just opened and didn't have the scratchyness of the others. Lift too slow and time running out, so didn't check out anything else over there.

Not a bad day and impressed with how the hill handles traffic for the most part. Lodges not so much. Not impressed by the weak snowmaking job and failure to open blacks.

Lots of trail cutting seems to have been completed on Pinnacle Peak since my last visit. Not sure how that's progressing overall.
Sry, no pix.

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