Ragged 12-2-12

Rolled into the lot about 8:30AM. Fogged in and 31 degrees.
Picked up passes and we're off to the races. Hopped on the six pack and lapped blueberry to wild side a couple of times. The snow was buttery and a joy to ski on for December 2nd and my first day out. Next we headed over to Speare triple.
We lapped flying Yankee a half dozen times on the same great buttery snow, at mid mountain the fog let up for a few hundred yards and you could let'em fly. Had a quick lunch headed out for a few more runs. My legs were toast around 2:30 and called it a day.

As a new Ragged pass holder, And first time Ragged skier, I really enjoyed the day!
lets see what next weekend brings!


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