Ragged 12/16/12

Date: 12/16/12
Conditions: Manmade/LSGR/PP

Trip Report:
Got a Liftopia ticket for $33 last night and headed up to Ragged this AM.
I hadn't skied Ragged since April of 2009 so was good to get back. I thought I heard they had gone RFID but i was given an old school sticker wicket ticket.
Among 1k+ vert mtns in Central/Southern NH i feel Ragged is better than Sunapee or Gunstock for terrain variety....also best glades in So/Central NH.
Anyhow, 3 top to bottom routes going today.
Exhibition was a bit scraped and chalky....there was a race going on Village Green so the racers were accessing that via Exhibition and thus had the most traffic. Certainly edgeable, I found the best snow skiers left of the trail.

Blueberry Patch to Wild Side Terrain park: Better than Exhibition. Mostly hardpack, didn't encoutner too much ice. Few features set up for the boarders at the very bottom. Edge to Edge coverage which was nice.

Flying Yankee: Run of the day. If only the Spear Mtn trple wasn't so painfully slow/cold I would have just stuck here all day. Did this 3 times but never back to back!

They were blowing on Main Street and Newfound Ridge and had 1 random gun going on Exhibition about 2/3rds of the way up. However it was turned sideways and the wind was taking the snow into the woods :roll:

Ski on both lifts during the morning while I was there so nice to get a bunch of runs in. If Ragged gets anything from tonight's storm it will certainly help to refresh things.

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