Ragged 2/15

Went to Ragged on saturday with both kids and the wife. She hadn't skied in two years so we basically skied the green blueberry patch to main street to let her get her legs under her. Snow was awesome and crowds were very manageable.

After she bailed, my kids wanted to try something else so we did raggae glades a few times and also exhibition, i believe. it was under the 6 pack and they had allowed skiers right to remain ungroomed. moguls were forming but nothing very exciting yet. Bumps in Raggae were bigger and more fun but the trail is flat. At 3:30 I sent the kids packing to the lodge and got in two runs of my own.

Rags to riches off the 6 pack. It had about a 50 vertical foot section with great pitch and decently spaced trees but then just flattened out completely and became pretty thin as far as trees. The glade next to it, Karen's Dream apparently has a bit more pitch and tighter trees but I took the triple up to try some of the trees off that. Unfortunately they were closed so I just went to Hotshot. They left skiers right untouched and it had very few tracks in it. I was enjoying that until i got about 2/3rds of the way down and hit something under the snow that sent me flying head over heels. no idea but my guess was a big frozen death cookie from the snowmaking on the other half of the trail.

Wished i could've gotten into some more of the woods but such is life skiing with kids. There isnt much base in there and if you love your skis, I would stay out but I was surprised how many tree runs they have on the map. Great family mountain in my opinion. Rode up with one guy who called it a mini Mad River. Not sure I would even remotely go that far but it would definitely keep my interest as a family area.

Should've gone back on sunday but went to Waterville instead. Kind of a mistake as the kids didnt want to go to the top, wind was ripping when they opened summit lift and so we ended up lapping the quadzilla all day.

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