Ragged 3/21/2015

First time I've been to Ragged in years, which is sad considering I only live 40 minutes away. Long story short I grabbed a $19 ticket from Liftopia and went for the afternoon. Couldn't ask for a better day, 40 degrees and sunny. I might have some questions for the regulars at th end. In Summary I will be going back no doubt, for only 1250 feet the place skied huge. The amount of vert I got in was mindboggling too. For close by areas for me I would go any day over Sunapee.

Started on Spear and worked my way left to right. Cardigan/Turnpike was great, as was Showboat. Flying Yankee was out of this world - a new favorite of mine. That run has character. The new lift must be a serious game changer.

Then I hit up Sweepstakes (open from the ladie's tee) and Birches. Both were still in decent shape, with some bumps on the bottom of Sweepstakes.

I think I skied everything open on the main mountain, Exhibition, NewFound, Ridge, Chute, Pines, etc. Cabin Fever was open and old school. Cemetery Gates looked like it would have fun if it had snow, damn that's steep.

The Trees look like they are awesome, especially the Ravine. So many rabbit holes.


-Do they ever make snow on Birches? Noticed it had pipes and a couple towers.
-Do they ever make snow on Easy Winder? Noticed it had pipes too... speaking of that trail, what is the deal? It seemed very "rough" like they never finished grading it. Was it cut as a gateway to/from Pinnacle? Either way with a little work it would be an awesome long beginner run.
-Do they make snow on Chute? Didn't notice any pipes but it's a major run...

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