Ragged April 19, 2014

Date(s) Skied: April 19, 2014

Resort or Ski Area: Ragged

Conditions: Firm Corn

Trip Report: Gorgeous day. 55 and breezy. Firm corn. Skinning up was a delight. I started late – 3:30 and set a turn around time of 4:30 but I was enjoying things I moved the turn around time back until I was at the top. Usually I run out of gas half way. Anyway skinned up South Ridge and cut across Upper Ridge to the top. Skied down Newfound Ridge to Village Green. Run of the day.

Multiple skin tracks

P4194115 by Bob Misu, on Flickr

South Ridge was thin with a lot of undermining

P4194116 by Bob Misu, on Flickr

This was much better

P4194124 by Bob Misu, on Flickr