Ragged Mountain Morning Bluebird

Went to Ragged today, got there at 8:30. First run of the day was upper sweepstakes (a disaster) so I cut into pels pass which was nice. They groomed a lot of trails which they almost never groom. (Easy Winder, Lower Crewcut, Sweepstakes, Ragge Glades) The moguls trails were giving great runs when the groomers got sticky in the afternoon. (Upper Crewcut, Cabin fever, Twister, Big Rock)
The glades ran great all day. Triple take had an amazing stash so if your there this week, that trail is a MUST. The crowds were pretty low today considering they usually have a full queue at the six pack. I cannot wait to see the spear triple bite the dust. A 13 minute ride without stopping is insane. The Ragga Muffins building on the Northface Peak was removed and new sign were added to every single trail which was nice since they had very little signage before. I never realized how much the Village Double Hauled ASS! That thing is awesome!

The Abyss Glade was added for this season and runs in between Showboat and Flying Yankee. It was a very nice run with tight trees at the start and awesome bumps to end it. The new Moose Alley glade was an awesome addition too.

Pinnacle peak has a lot more trails cut than it did last season which is a very good sign. But hopefully spear express comes first.

Runs of the day were Showboat and Triple Take.

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