Ragged Mountain- Saturday 2/7

Wow. I have never seen Ragged so busy! The first time I have seen a line of buses full of city folk. Fantastic conditions everywhere, especailly the woods. The lines were big on both detachable lifts. And to smash these rumors, ****The Village Green Double was running today. But their were tons of problems with it. They only loaded one person a chair because it was running too fast. And it actually was running INSANELY fast. People were being thrown off the lift. :popcorn: I hope they get this lift fixed soon.
Spear Mountain Express: This was the best thing Ragged could have ever done. Very nice lift, fast and very comftorable seats. Only four minutes to the top so there was a lot more traffic on Spear's three main trails. I hope they cut some trails to the left side of Cargidan Turnpike. Because they need another cruiser up there. Showboat and Yankee were in tip top shape, even at the end of the day, they were barely scrapped off. CTurnpike had tons of great natural stuff on the left side of the trail. The Abyss, Tree Hugger, Gobbler's Knob and Devil's Den all had very little traffic in them, allowing me to find some untouched stashes in the afternoon.
For some ridiculous reason Ragged had Miss' Behavin and Triple Take (the best trail on the resort) closed. They blocked off the top entrance of the ravine which kinda sucks. But Double Take and Not Too Shabby were tons of fun with plenty of snow.
Over at Ragged, plenty of challenging stashes were found. Cemetary Gates was open, it was basically just a cliff jump with death rocks, but very fun and challenging. Cabin Feaver was amazing. You couldn't even see it's death rocks that are to the left of the headwall. It was knee deep over there alon with mikey's run. Ragge Glades were in perfect shape as well. I kinda think they should put snowmaking on this trail. It works perfectly for sleeper at Sugarbush. And they need more snowmaking coverage.
Speaking of snowmaking, none to be found on birches. It was all natural and tons of fun with plenty of deep powder, the same goes with sweepstakes. Although I love natural, they should have covered birches already. It was a busy day and they could have used the coverage to spread more people out.
Twister was pretty bare in spots but tons of fun. I found an amazing stash in the woods off of twister, ending with a crazy cliff drop at the end.
Easy Winder was groomed and skiied fast, no walking for me. But they still need to do a lot of work with that trail.
Big Rock had some good soft stuff on it.
Pinnacle looks pretty much complete with trail clearing. Hopefully they focus on snowmaking and spear expansion next year so they can move onto this project.
I was really happy to see how well Ragged is doing, but they can't rely on the natural terrain. More snowmaking coverage is needed.
Ragged glades are some of the best in NH. And tons of amazing terrain. If you haven't yet, check Ragged out! It's a true underdog mountain.

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