Ragged Mountain

Date Skied: 11/30/2013

Conditions: Packed Powder on Frozen Hard Pack

We originally planned on going to Killington but then heard that Ragged was opening so plans were changed. We looked up deals on Liftopia and got great deals which included a $10 lunch voucher. Average cost per person $29.50 including the $10 voucher.

The report for Saturday was Spear Mountain Triple and 6 Pak Express quad were opening but a bearing went on Spear Mountain Triple so it was going to be Exhibition for the day. First thought was not so nice but that was changed after our first run. The run was fast and with fresh wax and sharpened edges we ripped it up! We got there around 10:30 and ended up lapping four runs before we went to get lunch and a couple beers!

I usually do not ski this run often and hit other trails that seem more enticing, however, it was a blast! We skied hard and fast the whole time we were there! My son was pulling 360's off a whale at the base. I was a little more conservative and went for simple air! There were other good spots to hit as well.

After lunch we lapped another six runs with not stop skiing top to bottom! The last couple of runs there were scrapped off spots but the trail edges were still nice with small bumps developing. All in all it was a quad burning day that was super fun! Got home to find other muscles in the groin area, hamstrings and calves that got a work out as well!

There were several families that kids that were starting off and it made me think of a few threads relating to protective parents! I kept that in mind while I approached them. I even helped out in a situation where the father was down slope and the daughter lost her ski - she could not reach it so I got for her and helped her to get the ski back on! My concern was here location which was somewhat of a blind spot (down hill side of a drop). The dad was thankful!



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