Ragged Mt. Danbury, NH

Skied Ragged Mountain (RM) last year and loved the easy in and out, diverse terrain and low key vibe. I prefer smaller mountains. A few favs for a frame of reference include Wildcat and Crotched. My all time fav big mountain is Sunday River. This is my 5th year boarding. I used to be a die hard windsurfer and years ago, a skier. My boarding companion is bf, an expert in both skiing and boarding. We usually do park and trails and up until yesterday, he'd go into the woods alone. More on my first day of tree boarding.

We scored 47.00 tickets in Oct. off the SkiNH website. We left New Bedford 5:15, stopped for a rest room visit and arrived before 8, following one of MANY large charter buses. It was Ski East so the place was packed with kids and parents. First tracks off the 6 pack lift (fast and easy despite being seated with 5 other humans). Every trail we hit on Ragged Peak was awesome. In the 5 years I have been riding (10-15 days per season), this was the best. The packed powder was glorious. Off to the side, some untouched billowing snow. could be found By 10, the 6 pack lines were getting long so we headed to the quad and boarded off Spear Peak until 1 PM. All the trails were amazing aside from Flying Yankee which has some icy patches. Off Cardigan, we headed into the woods at Devil's Den and Tree Hugger. It was a BLAST. I loved boarding in the trees. It takes a lot of concentration and you can't be a baby about your gear going off roots and sometimes, rocks. I face planted twice and came up laughing. We ended the day back on Ragged Peak. My fav run of the aft was Birches, a black.

We went through the single lines all day to save time. We avoided the lodge and ate on our car with our own food. The weather was spectacular; some sun, no wind, no rain. I cruised down the slopes often with my jacket on my waist and no gloves, at times.

We will be back next year.

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