Ragged Sunday 3/10 – Great day!

Had a great day at Ragged Mountain yesterday. It was dumping snow all day. I would guess it was 4-5”s total by the time the snow was done. Was hoping for more, but we’ll take ankle deep. Skied with my oldest (19) and youngest (16) sons. Even with snow during the last ½ hr of our drive up – it was a painless 1:45 hr trip from north of Boston to Ragged. I know everyone says to go 93 north to route 4 as the way to get to Ragged. But I prefer going route 89 to exit 10 (Mount Kearsage exit).

As those of you who have skied Ragged on a snow day know – it’s a great mid-sized mountain for tree skiing. We spent the whole day either in the trees or in the terrain park. We skied every glade run on the mountain. The only one we didn’t ski was Exhibition but that was only because that is more of an intermediate glade and is kind of low angle.

The whole ravine area between the 2 mountains was in play. We dropped into Rags to Riches & Pels Pass from the 6 pack and we skied Not too Shabby & Miss Behavin from the 4 pack. The headwall on the Rags to Riches side was challenging as usual but it was manageable. Everything below that was awesome with many turns in untracked snow still to be had towards the end of the day. There was a great vibe in the woods as a lot of people were in there and there were a lot shouts of joy reverberating thru the trees. Ordinarily I’d be put off by a lot of people skiing the woods at once but the mountain absorbed them effortlessly and it never seemed “crowded”. It was actually kind of cool to see several little groms jamming thru the woods with their parents or siblings.

We skied more of the glades over at Spear mountain than I had before. The new glade, “The Abyss”, was good but the other glades were better so we only did that once or twice. It still needed a little more snow. The glades/run that my boys loved was Devils Den into Ridge Run. Great snow in there and it was an interesting glade in that it has a lot of small to giant sized boulders on it. Something about skiing thru those and the trees made it even more enjoyable.

Because they are late teen boys we did do several laps thru the terrain park. The boys loved that the 4” of new really softened up the landings on the jumps and they were airborne for most of the trail. The sides of the terrain park contained a lot of untracked/lightly tracked snow that no one was skiing so I was skiing ankle deep powder most of the runs while the boys were hitting the jumps (my 53 yr old knees can’t do the big jumps anymore. . . ).

Raggae Glades were great, as they usually are. But the bumps in the woods were better so I only hit that 2-3 times during the day.

It’s been said before but I’ll say it again – the combo of the 6 pack and the new(ish) Spear Mtn quad at Ragged is a game changer for that mountain. There were no more than 5 min lift lines and most of the day it was basically ski-on. We got a lot of runs in for a "small" mountain.

All in all – just a great day at Ragged. The kind of days I think about when I am dreaming about skiing in September.


Pel’s Pass:


Ridge Runner:


My oldest catching a little bit of air in the terrain park:


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