Ride Labrador Mountain

Labrador Mountain is located in Truxton NY (between Cortland and Syracuse). Its not a big mountain by any means (700 vert) but we get true pure lake effect snow coupled with standard systems which for this year has been awesome! When people come here to ski/ride they usually leave with the same word....fun....

With as much snow as we have had believe it or not the whole mountain isnt even open yet. The southern peak which boasts the best glades in the area has been closed except for us long time poachers. Even with this warmup there is a great base and i am certain once the weather comes back in a week conditions will be back to what it has been.

The mountain has everything. Groomers, glades, steeps, greens and a huge terrain park. Great lift equipment too! everything is in top shape

Here are two short vids on what the snow has been like. If anyone is in the area and wants a real deal tour I am usually there every day and I have an event posted in my facebook with info. I shoot a lot of vids for the mountain.

But so far and compared to last year lol...its been epic!

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