Saddleback 2014-5 Season

Jan. 12, 2015 - Mon.
Today was the first day of what has become an annual trip to Saddleback. I suspect that most members of this forum already know Saddleback, but for those of you who don't, Saddleback is a gem that sits in the shadow of Sugarloaf (less than 10 miles as the crow flies although 20 by road). Saddleback has just over 2000' vertical. It is a great mountain for Glades. While Casablanca has received a lot of publicity in recent years, Intimidator, Nightmare, Dark Wizard and Thrombosis are all excellent glades. There is a lot of Intermediate and a superb beginner area. The South Branch, I would categorize as an unpretentious version of Killington's Snowshed.

The moguls were still small on both Parmachenee Belle and Golden Smelt. Casablanca had some tree damage from a storm that needs to be cleaned up before it is reopened.

The snow was good and pretty much everything besides Casablanca and Muleskinner were open. In New England, there are often 2 areas in close proximity: One is pretentious; the other more mellow. Those that come to mid are: Stowe - Smugglers'; Sugarbush - Mad River; Stratton - Magic; and Sugarloaf - Saddleback.

If you haven't tried Saddleback, you should probably think about adding it to you "must ski" list.

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