Saddleback 2/2/2014


Conditions: 3-4" freshies and natural groomed

Trip Report:

Wow, first tracks on Super Bowl Sunday and the temp was 34 degrees! It snowed over night and we were excited to get out again after out Midnight Run. The conditions the day before were fast and much slower at midnight. The new snow was heavy for the most part and fairly compact so not so fast today. We got on the chair and headed up on Rangley Double. We noticed that it got quite foggy. This was not in the plans - new snow on Tight Line was what we wanted but the fog was very dense! We then opted to ski Grey Ghost and that was very weird - skiing down the center of the trail it was hard to know where you were going. Could not really see the tree line or any terrain features ahead so speed was not a goal. We did another run down Silver Doctor and visibility was a tiny bit better for some reason. My wife then made the decision to go for it on Tight Line so we headed up there and it was foggy and windy! The wind was blowing right up the face. We all took off and low and behold the snow had never really built up on that trail (just a trace to cover scrapped of conditions for the day before). That trail unlike others was fast still but speed had to be checked because visibility was poor. It was still very fun! When we headed back we stumbled upon Peachy's Peril (my wife followed some kids) and that trail was not groomed! It also sounded pretty scratchy under foot. In any case, it was like a 4-6 inch powder run with interesting little hoppers and trenches to catch air on. In fact we liked it so much that we later returned! We tooled around looking for our kids and took two runs off Rangley double and finished the day going up Kennebago Quad hitting Tight Line over to Peachy's Peril - what a way to end it! It was now time to pack things up and make the homeward trek (4.5 hours).

Fog on Grey Ghost - it was even thicker further up
photo 2.JPG

Royal Coachman under Rangley Double
photo 1.jpg

Top of Kennebago Chair
photo 3.JPG

Peachy's Peril
photo 4.JPG

Thanks for a great weekend Ride and Ski!
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