Saddleback Feb 22 – Video

Pretty much just copy and paste any trip report in Northern New England for Sunday. Awesome Day, Awesome Conditions, Awesome time.

Video of the day. Sorry DeadHeadSkier - more modern music. Feel free to mute if you watch. :-D

Trial Lineup for video below: Nice cliff huck by the oldest boy at 0:18 and youngest boy's Nightmare Glade run at 1:01 is pretty awesome IMHO. Old man cam's more humorous than awesome haha.

0:07 - Professor
0:27 - Lower Jane Craig
0:33 - Tri Color (Old Man Cam)
0:38 - Governor (Old Man Cam)
1:01 - Nightmare Glade
1:30 - Black Beauty
1:40 - Casablanca
1:50 - Professor Cliff
1:58 - Wolly Bugger Glade
2:02 - Governor (Old Man Huck Cam)

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