Ski Butternut 1-29 TR

Got no pictures of the Bumps on Downspout @ Butternut (TOO DAMN COLD). But rest assured that are looking good and start at the top of Downspout and run the length of the steep section on skiers left and extend just around the bend to skiers left. Shape looks good and slightly irregular (what we love) and they rode well, not icy or scratchy so I'm unsure if they were top coated overnight....The surface conditions WERE IMMACULATE on EVERY TRAIL! They were blowing snow on Lower Applejack and main street for the majority of the day till about 1-2 pm. Lucifer's leap was the trail of the day for sure, they shaped the face SUPER AWESOMELY, HUGE roller to sheer drop off on the head wall...STEEP AND FAST with some sick gentle front side rollers with zero backside=HUGE AIRS (watched some stupid spandex warriors try and cut g turns across em and go FLYING, YARD SALE BRO!!!!) and the BEST PARKS in the EAST HANDS DOWN NO CONTEST (Sorry Sundown...step up your creativity) Go for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!:dontknow:

My Wife ripping one of her very first toesides, SO PROUD OF HER since she was really scared to learn em. (who says you can teach your spouse...if the love is real its all good):wink:
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