Ski Sundown 3/19/14

Date(s) Skied: March 19, 2014

Resort or Ski Area: Ski Sundown

Conditions: Packed powder/frozen granular

Trip Report:

I went to Sundown today because it's the most convenient if I'm on my way to or from work. The snow conditions were quite good given that it hasn't snowed in a while and they presumably got rain and ice last week. There is a ton of snow, as you can tell by looking at the dropoffs at the sides of the trails. The surface was packed, groomed and re-groomed snow. There was bare hard pack in just a few places (some patches on Gunbarrel on the non-mogul side) and no real ice anywhere, except in the troughs of the bumps on Gunbarrel. The place was nearly empty, so nothing was scraped off by early afternoon.

My one complaint is that they run the fixed-grip lift slowly. I know it doesn't make sense for every place to invest in detachable lifts, but the fixed-grip lifts at other places without detachables (Berkshire East, Blandford, Catamount) all seem to run faster.

An employee said they will be open the next two weekends (so up to March 30) and maybe longer. I also overheard that they will be open during the week next week, but I'm not certain about that. Again, they've got a ton of snow, so presumably it depends on traffic.

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