Small Hills, Big Snows- Thunder Ridge/Mohawk 2/9/17

My day started in western CT with 4 inches on the car at 8:15. What's usually a 25 minute drive to Thunder Ridge took an hour, but I wasn't really pushing it as lifts don't open till 10am. For the first hour there was maybe 15 people on the hill? Fresh tracks everywhere. Solid 6 inches at opening bell. A little wind, but the snow stuck to the surface for the most part. Lot's of fun for a tiny hill. Anything that wasn't a diamond was a bit lacking in pitch for the snow, but Competition and the Face were wind-free and steep enough to get some speed. Powder bumps had formed on the Face by the end of the day, which were heavenly. The way they blow snow on the trail makes for a really cool double fall line (I use the term loosely) in the center which you could huck yourself of off if you wished (I did). It kept snowing till 3pm, I left at 4. It felt like a solid 10-12 inches on the hill to me when I left, the mountain is reporting 13 which I believe. Lot's of snow. By far my deepest day there. Lot's of people in the afternoon which surprised me. Solid 5 chair wait. The double to the summit did not spin due to wind, the diamonds up there have not been skiable in two years, and I'm going back tomorrow to sample :-D

I dug the car out and did the hour drive to Mohawk next. Totally different universe. They had gotten more snow (supposedly) but it was completely scoured off by the wind. I did 2 hours, 8ish runs and was done. It's out of their control but I was very disappointed.

I still love Mohawk but good ole Thunder Ridge one-upped them today!!! Can't wait for the weekend! Flatland powder day woo-hoo!

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