Smuggs 12.18.2013

I skied Smuggs for about 3-4 hours today mostly on Madonna. No lift lines and snowing the whole time.

There was a couple inches of new snow over night and things were skiing very nicely. I skied Doc Dempsey's glades quite a few times and hung out in the trees in the general area. Doc's was natural snow cover with a great mix of rocks, ice and powder. Branching off to alternate routes adjacent to the main run yielded powder turns. After Doc's I would stray into some lower angle trees and was getting untracked almost all the way down. Not without hitting some roots, rocks and grundel floss of course but I don't mind the abuse.

My last run was out to the BB's to check the snow and asses how things had been filling in. The top 1/2 was amazing. WAY better than I expected with untouched lines! Down lower there was plenty of snow to ski on but you had to be careful. The natural base on the lower 1/2 of the mountain wasn't as good as most people will prefer. The notch road was nice and snowy all the way back to my car. Not a bad 1/2 day.

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