SMUGGS- Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

I've been hitting Smuggs each day this week for afternoon turns. No lift lines and each run I was pretty much completely alone on the trails.

Conditions have been a mix of everything from Powder to ice to exposed rock. Most runs off of Sterling are open with the exception of a few. I was actually surprised at how little coverage some of the runs had and were still open such as Upper Exhibition.

I missed the Thanksgiving Storm since I had to return to NY to visit family however there was plenty of powder out there if you are willing to bootpack out a little ways. I hiked up over to Madonna and found the goods =)

Huge whales running all the way down Black Snake (I think). Lots of fun to grind the ridges and jump off.

It's getting warm up there today with potential rain. The base should hold though. There is much more natural snow out there than you might think.

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