Snow Ridge 3/1/13

Date(s) Skied: 2/1/13

Resort or Ski Area: Snow Ridge, Turin, NY

Conditions: POWDER!

Trip Report:
We were trying to decide between Platty or Hunter, I then noticed Snow Ridge was calling for 13" overnight. We left Binghamton on our 150 mile journey at 6:00. It began to snow when we hit the Throughway. Visibility was pretty bad, you couldn't see the tailights of the semis untill you were right on top of them. An SUV slide into the median from the Westbound lane. We arrive unscathed an hour before opening, 9:00. They were plowing the parking lot when we arrived. The 4x4 was spinning its wheels in the mud left over from the thaw and rain. They got creative and used a groomer to help out.

Snow Ridge is a funky place, cool paper lamps in the lodge.


Snow Ridge may only have 500ft of vertical, but it skies a lot bigger, nice pitch, zero run-out. Slow lifts too, but the rides are quick, 5 minutes.




We skied all day, many, many, runs, even after it was cut up, it still skied great. We got our tickets for $15 with our Greek Peak passes, so a day's full of powder turns for $45 including gas, best day of my season so far.

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