St-Sauveur QC – both closing weekends : May 10 & 19, 2014

First weekend was the schedule end of the season = May 10
The second weekend was the actual end of the season and last day in the East = 19 May

May 10 : Hill 70 West and Nordique trails

Saturday May 10
Month 104
Day 78

On this weekend only three ski areas remained open in the East and MSS was again the last in Quebec and amongst the last three open in the East. Jay and MSS had announced that Sunday May 11 was their last day of the season; a season started on October 30 for Mont St-Sauveur. All three ski areas were now on limited operations with Killington open Friday to Sunday while Jay and MSS were only open for the weekend. Actually that isn’t entirely true, MSS had been spinning midweek everyday from 7am to 11am rain and shine for ski race camp on the “MSSI Glacier”. That is the main reason why public skiing in May at MSS only started at 11am the last two weekends.

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Monday May 19
Day 80
Last day of liftserved in the East.

I returned for the “Last weekend of the 2013-14 ski season again”. The news came Friday morning that there was too much and the weather was perfect again for an extra weekend; which happened to be a Victoria Day Holiday weekend in Canada. I was happy as I couldn’t get away from Ottawa on this weekend, but I was free to go skiing on Monday. I had hope to make a return trip to Killington this season if they went further into May, but it wasn’t meant to be and I ended up, somewhat surprisingly, returning to MSS for one more time to close out Eastern liftserved ski season.


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Mont St-Sauveur QC : May 10 & 19, 2014 – Last weekend at the beach – redux

May 19 : Lunch on the patio with bottom of Hill 70 in the background

May 19 : Daughter making her May turns

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