Stowe 12.23.2012

Date(s) Skied: 12.23.2012

Resort or Ski Area: Stowe

Conditions: Powder/PP...and maybe some crust, ice and hardpack

Trip Report:

Woke up a bit late thanks to the flu which has been kicking my butt for days. I sit down on the computer to check the snow report and it says 8-12 @ Stowe!!!

I went from feeling like hell and not moving to BATTLE READY in under 20 seconds. Really kicked it into high gear to get myself out the door. Drove entirely too fast on the way to the mountain. I won't report my speeds but someone should have pulled me over.

Finally on the Quad at 8:58 and felt like a gaper. Tons of snow. Easily a foot of fresh in many places even though it was already getting tracked by 9:30. Stowe crowd really loves their powder. Frenzied!

Most lift rides I skied right on...never more than a 3 minute wait in singles line.

Trees on the upper 1/2 of the mountain were amazing! Many places I was just sinking down so deep 1/2 expecting to hit roots or something but no. Just buttery slash turns and tree taps. Places over 2 feet of untracked were to be found. Goat glades, Nose dive, Tres Amigos, etc. I was even making fairly comfortable turns on the lower mountain off trail. Things are really filling in.

I stayed on the quad most of the day except for 2 runs off the gondola. I pushed out past the north boundary a little and found a couple good turns then skied down a creek bed. Needed more snow though. The creeks aren't quiet frozen. Still flowing water and open spots.

After bush whacking a bit I came back out onto a rather desolate Chin Clip. I look uphill and the only person out was a patroler. He comes skiing up to me kinda like he has something to say and looks as me for a second. We exchange "hey how's it going" and then he asks if I'm alone which I replied yes to. I thought he was going to says something about being the in trees alone or sking out of bounds but he just kind of has this awkward silence. Then he's like "this trail gets better just around the corner it's not skied off" (Maybe not exact words). So I say nice "lets do it" but he explains he has to stop 1/2 down to do something. so we both take off and I throttle it high speed launching some bumps to be on my way.

It may not come off like it in this report but I tell you it was a weird exchange.

Anyway. Before this season I had been to Stowe a few times and every time the gondola and quad have been on wind holds. Now that I live up in NVt I'm really getting so much opportunity to explore. I keep finding little shots through the trees that I want to tell Alpinezone all about but I have to hold my tongue. I bet some of you know places I am just now discovering. It's magical.

I'm back down in the valley near Lake Champlain now and it's snowing hard as I write this. It was a good day.

I think Powder cured my flu.

These photos don't do today any justice but here they are anyway.



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