Stowe 2/15/18

Got there nice and early but wasn't very excited due to hearing how things froze up again big time over night.

Stowe did have a bunch of groomed terrain, which was what I was counting on. Very small crowd there, relatively speaking. I had every lift to myself except one time I rode the Gondola with the Queen of England and Her Royal Company, 70 years old and decked out in fur hats and sunglasses. By the way, it was extremely cloudy.

I did have some great cruising runs, almost untouched, on all 3 areas of the mountain. Stuff off the top of Spruce was almost untouched at noon.

My legs were burning from yesterday, by 12:30 I was pretty shot and it had also started raining, and the snow was firming up again making each run quickly less enjoyable.

Did get some woods in but mostly lower angle ones lower on the mountain, it was pretty crusty and only borderline fun.

I will say, their service is top notch. Lifts are fast. They groomed the heck out of a large portion of their terrain and it was very skiable (and fast, with long vert). The toilets were sparkling clean. I was addressed as "Sir" repeatedly, not that I prefer that.

That all said, I do not like Stowe, do not like going to Stowe, and would rather be over the hill at Smuggler's or down the road at Bolton or across the highway at Mad River Glen. I do not want an RFID card to go skiing. I do not want to stand in line for my lift ticket with 5 dudes in their 40's who just railed cocaine together and acting like braggadocious fools.

What did concern me is hearing the lift ticket lady say she thinks Vail is going to buy Jay Peak; but I guess Jay Peak is quickly becoming a weekdays-only destination anyway.

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