Stowe 3 24

Warren Miller said it best..people drive for hundreds of miles to ski frozen granular..And so we did. I t did soften up around 1 ..and all the bumps where in play. Frozen groomers are ok for a little while..but get dull soon. Found a poor soul spinning and crashing his way down Hayride..which was a mogul field..his friend looking on in amusement..i had to intervene. Only his second day on skis..hmm. i coached him down..he was eternaly grateful..his friend laughing his ass off..filming the whole thing..another youtube moment created.
It was cold..we sought refuge at was colder. The Skinny pancake and some Heady..back to the Gondi. More fun until 2..mrs slug had brutal 730 chair regime took its toll.
Stopped at Mt Ops to get new bindings for some ancient 85 underfoot skis..from 2010..time to give the Wagners a rest until Utah in April..heard colorodo is suffering..we are ..not.
More fun early chair..i only get one of those a week.20180324_125043.jpg
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