Stowe 3-3-13

Resort: Stowe Mountain Resort

Date Skied: Sunday March 3, 2013

Conditions: Powder, New Snow, Packed Powder and Sticky stuff.

Ever have one of those days where you can't quite pull yourself together? Well, that was my day at Stowe.

That said, the snow on the upper mountain was nice and smooth, but about half way down I kept hitting these patches of sticky snow that would throw me off balance. Halfway through the day when the trails started to get skied off, I'd hit those sticky patches followed by slick hardpack. Visibility was also an issue as clouds/fog rolled over the hills, sometimes leaving a frozen mist on the goggles.

The exception being my one good run over at Spruce Peak. Upper Sterling/Sterling had great snow, in fact I got boot deep fresh track on the side. Honestly, that was the highlight of my day. However, the wind on Spruce was howling, so I didn't last long over there.

I wasn't even in the mood to take pictures except for a few "Ooooh, look, a mountain" tourist shots.

Sorry for the negative report, but it really was not the best day for me.

stowe view from Mt. Mansfield 3313.jpg

Stowe Mt Mansfield Snowy Trees 3313.jpg

Stowe View from Spruce 3313.jpg

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