Stowe, MRG, and Magic 3/27-3/29

Stowe 3-27

Drove up from MA after dropping kids off in the morning so I didn’t get on the snow until close to noon. Sunny and cool start. Snow was nice packed powder and skiing well. For some reason I wasn’t feeling great and kind of struggled a bit all day. Switched skis to see if that would help (did in the groomer, not in the bumps/glades). Took a few breaks and just enjoyed the weather without pushing myself too much.

Blue Bird:

Chin Clip was nice:

MRG 3-28

It snowed about 2-3 inches of nice creamy snow in the morning with rain sleet forecast for the day. I was still feeling a little off but wasn’t going to let that get in the way especially since the lines were so long! After the first run where I ended up going down a rabbit hole I started to feel a lot better and got my legs back. The snow made for great skiing at the top it was a nice coating on everything and kept it all smooth. Once you got to the lower half it was tough especially when it started to rain and the stuff got really sticky.



I forget how big a mtn MRG actually is and it takes a while to get down.

My poorly edited video of my mediocre tree skiing. I only got one run in before my helmet mount broke:

Some foggy pics of Paradise:


There seems to be a limit to attachments so I’ll follow up below …