Stowe, November 23

Spent the morning of Nov. 23rd at Stowe for my first day back on snow. there is no snow to speak of until you pass the Matterhorn bar and start up the hill; there's a substantial amount of snow on the hill, although certainly not enough left to go off an open trail. (And probably nothing natural left after today anyway...).

Probably about 40 degrees at the base of the Fourrunner, substantially cooler at the top, or at least breezier so it felt cool.

Snow conditions were soft spring-like snow. No ice or scraping sounds to be found anywhere. Pretty much nobody there; skied right onto the lift every time. Visibility was basically non-existent at least for the upper half of the mountain. You couldn't see anything.

The standard Mansfield blue cruisers -- Lord, North Slope, Sunrise, etc. were fun if a bit bouncy due to random snow piles.

Upper Hayride (to where Centerline comes in), Liftline (top-to-bottom), and Centerline were all open and all had varying degrees of moguls on them. Fun skiing spring snow moguls in zero visibility on day one. 8-)

I wound up with 13 or 14 runs... Lost count after a while. Call it 25k vertical. My legs were shot at the end of the day.

There were some sections of "thinner cover" on the edges of Hayride and Liftline but everything else seemed well buried. There's plenty of snow and to keep everything open through today's r--n event.

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