Stratton 12/19/15

last night i enjoyed some christmas drinks with roommates in my apartment, and turned in to bed around 9 PM with a 3:30 AM alarm. here is some of the quiver by the christmas tree


woke at 3:30 and was on the road at 4:15. took 87 to 7. after crossing the vermont state line, there was a trace of snow on the road. by the time i was 15-20 miles south of manchester, it was snowing at a good clip with treacherous driving conditions.

pulled into stratton at 8:45 and was on the lift at 9. there was a solid 4" in the parking lot and it was still snowing. stratton report as of ~7 AM said 3". guns blazing all over.

zero lines all day on ursa. three routes down from ursa, black bear, polar bear, and fall line. ungroomed sides of the trails had legitimate powder skiing. you had to be careful for hidden rocks and stumps and the like, but i repeat, legitimate powder skiing. not what i was expecting at all. very pleasantly surprised.

tamarack, north american, and grizzly bear may be in play tomorrow. lots of snowmaking going on. hats off to stratton for getting the place into such good shape.

skied about 18 runs from 9:00 AM to 1:45 PM, ~25k vertical. legs turned to jello and i got in the car.

back to brooklyn by 7 PM.

a great success and i'm glad i went and lucked out with snow

some more pics:

edited to add: not sure how to flip those pictures.
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