Stratton 1/27/2018

We typically ski on Sunday, but with the rain predicted, we went out on Saturday. (Thankfully, looks like the rain was a non issue overnight)

The Sun Bowl lot was pretty full, but we found a spot without an issue. Booted up in the lot to avoid the lodge. Did a few runs off the fixed grip, then headed to Ursa. While the line was longer than the past Sunday, it wasn't bad. Maybe a 5 minute wait? My wife and I ended up on the chair with a father and son from NJ. The son was funny; talked to us the entire way up. He was really into skiing. Nice to see a young person excited about the sport. Did a few runs over on Mike's way and Spruce. Skied well. Some scratch on the pitches.

drjeff was at the mountain attending a race for his daughter. We made our way to the base of Frank's...and he was up top on coat duty. :lol: We'll have another opportunity to meet up in a few weeks.

I thought the mountain was holding up well despite the these constant thaw/rain/freeze cycles we were having. The snow on many of the trails was actually quite fast.

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