Stratton 2-26 to 2-28

Conditions Friday and Saturday- cold and windy, ice and packed powder, loose granular, snow making. Sunday-spring conditions.

Drove up Thursday night, 4 inches of snow and visibility and road conditions were affected. Hoping to see some of that snow stick on Friday but.... Our wacky season continues. Any snow that fell probably blew into the woods. On the positive side, they were making snow on the main trails(black bear and Janeway Junction). Friday and Saturday were similar conditions, loose granular over ice, good conditions on the previously mentioned snow making trails. Temperatures were a bit cold with wind chill. Crowds were light Friday, typically heavy Saturday.

Sunday, warmed up to above 45 so we got spring conditions, mashed potatoes and cream cheese on the bottom near the base. Not too bad if you are in spring conditions shape. This being my first 3 days of the season made it a workout but at least I traveled 58 miles. Crowds lightened up after 2pm as the commuter crowd left.

Sad to say but without any new snow, the season might not last too long. Bare and brown spots starting to show up on the runouts to the lifts.

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