Stratton 2-3-17

Short version...


Not surprisingly enough, Stratton groomed out almost everything Thursday night after the reported 7-9" fell the previous few days.

Then post grooming, 2-3" of blower quality powder fell, and it was just a blast to ski!!

A friend I was skiing with (both of our daughter's had Super G race training today) had a friend who was a Stratton regular who guided us around all day!

No lines (short of maybe 5 to 15 cabins if you wanted to ride the Gondola) all day - plenty of soft packed powder under some powder with an isolated slick spot in a few steeper pitched higher traffic areas.

Test Pilot off of Kidderbrook was worth 2 repeats!!

One of the best days I've had in VT in a few seasons!!1486175111276.jpg

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