Stratton 2/22: Powder Day!

I hadn't been to Stratton in I don't know how long. Long enough where I didn't recognize anything when I got there. I was prepared for the worst after hearing all about it's somewhat poor reputation but man, did I get a pleasant surprise!

We arrived around 8:15 AM and parked at the Sunbowl area. I was ready for huge crowds since it was a CSC awareness day. We got on the lift just after 8:30 for some fresh tracks under the Sunrise lift. They had around 8+ inches of fluffy fresh snow and the weather was getting better by the minute. Over the next few runs, the lines got longer and longer, but suddenly around 11:00 the lines just disappeared. At first I thought it was due to lunchtime but eventually I found out it was from people going home after the holiday week. We never waited more than a few chairs the rest of the day. I was also worried that it would be overcast or maybe even a little wet precipitation, but by 10:00 the sun was shining and it stayed out all day.

The riding was so good in the Sunbowl area we never bothered to venture to the other side. All but 3 of our runs were in glades. Test Pilot, Moon Dance, Diamond in the Rough, and Eclipse were all fantastic. We found fresh lines in Eclipse well into the afternoon.

I had a scary moment in the test pilot glades. I was making a heelside turn between a pair of trees when my board slid wider than expected. My board went to one side of the tree and my body to the other. I caught the tree right on the outside of my front knee. Luckily, I wasn't going very fast but I still got twisted up and my knee bent at an odd angle. All I cold think was I just blew out my knee, but after lying there for a minute I realized it was just pain from the impact. I have a pretty good bruise but the function is just fine. Dodged a bullet there! We rode till 4:00 and complete exhaustion. Mark down another great day in the books for 2015!

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