Stratton 3/16/2014

We didn't rush this AM. Since it was warmer yesterday and cold and windy last night. There was a pretty decent crowd for a Sunday but the lines moved just fine. We started off at Sunbowl and went to the main mountain. They received a few inches of snow overnight; I think the snow report said 1" which was a bit conservative. Overall, good conditions. The drifters skied good with fresh on the sides and a little scratch in the center. Surprise of the day: greens. Work road, west meadow, ect. Not a lot of traffic and good snow. Moguls under the gondola were good at the very top. Then they got really scratchy and crusty. at 1PM, Upper Switchback still had some nice snow on it. Upper Kidderbrook ripped at the end of the day.

24 hours of Stratton was going on so they had a band at the base, a special line in the Gondi for the racers, and the Patriots Cheerleaders at the finish line around 12.

Great weather: bluebird sky and cool temps.


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