Stratton 3/25/2018

The snow is holding up rather well; everything is still in play on the hill. Not too crowded overall. Still plenty of parking in Sun Bowl just before 11AM. Lifelines weren't an issue and things were mostly ski on or a minimal wait.

Ursa did have a rather long stop early in the afternoon. We were just getting into the main line when it shut down. I started talking to my wife about the lift moving slowly when it was running...and running on diesel. The guy working the line confirmed it was in fact running on diesel. They had replaced a driveshaft in the top terminal a few weeks back. Then something up there starting wobbling. Instead of doing the fix now, the opted to run the diesel engine and fix things post season. So I'm guessing the diesel is the primary drive, with the electric being the emergency backup?

It was demo day as well. They had a lot of ski and board brands represented over at Sun Bowl. We were somewhat surprised that wasn't more heavily promoted.

Overall, the mountain is skiing well. Not excited about the weather this week, but it we are almost into April. The snowpack should hold up well. No too much scratch yesterday, just a few firm chalky spots. The last few weekends there have been really outstanding.

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