Sugarbush 1/12-1/13/13 – Spring Skiing in January

Saturday, Jan 12 – Cloudy / Fog up top in the AM to mid day Sunshine – temps in the 40’s
Sunday, Jan 13 – Sunshine to clouds – Mt Ellen summit temp 50, lower mountain AM in the 30’s warmed up to 50

I had the good fortune to ski with Cheese and his friend on Saturday . I have been a regular at Sugarbush for years and a passholder for 8 years and I enjoy showing people around my home mountain. Saturday was a great day with moderate temperatures, soft snow, light crowds and spring skiing in January. We started off with a warm up on every kid’s favorite trail – Sleeper. The snow was ego boosting corduroy and Cheese tore it up at high speed. He also kills it on moguls and we hit a lot on Saturday. We basically went all over Lincoln Peak in the AM. I figure he won’t remember all the trails we hit so I’ll list them here. We hit Birch Run, Sunrise and Morning Star off North Lynx. Pushover Chute and Pushover. First real mogul run of the day was Twist which is a great natural snow trail. Mid morning we skied Downspout to the Heaven’s Gate chair and got a workout down Organgrinder to Spillsville to Lower Paradise. Visibility wasn’t great at the top but we hit Ripcord on our second lap. Before lunch we skied Domino on the way to the Castlerock chair which was basically ski on at noon. We skied Castlerock to Cotillion then took a break for lunch. After lunch we took the Slidebrook chair to Mt Ellen. A quick ride up the GMX and we took a run own Hammerhead then skied Elbow, Which Way, Rim Run and Northway before heading back to Lincoln Peak. The summit of Mt Ellen was socked in so we didn’t take the trip all the way to the top. Back at Lincoln Peak we did another run in the sun on Sunrise and finished the day with a trip down Murphys Glade to Lower Organgrinder and our last run a cruise down Snowball to Racers Edge. I thought we had a great day, covered a lot of the mountain and a great variety of terrain. I was pretty spent when we called it a day around 3:45.

Sunday I skied solo at Mt Ellen. The soft snow of Saturday locked up and was barely edgeable on the lower mountain where it was only in the 30’s early in the AM. The good news was that the summit temperature was close to 50 at 9 AM and the snow up top was soft and easy skiing. I did multiple laps of the upper mountain including three runs on FIS which was really soft and fun.

Overall it was a good weekend but I would rather have these temps and conditions in late April than January. There is still great snow cover but some areas are getting thin with exposed rocks, moss and dirt. Let’s hope we get back to winter this week with some new snow.

Here’s a view of the valley from the top of Inverness this morning:

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