Sugarbush 1/13/15

Conditions: powder, groomed, scratchy


Conditions were phenomenal today. Snowed all day yesterday and they ended up with about 6 or 7 inches total. Also it was practically empty, never had more than one or two other people on a trail with me. Started out going up gatehouse and then up north Lynx. Took sunrise for my first run and it was by far the rest of the day. They had groomed out all the bumps on the trail on Saturday or Sunday so this run was 100% fresh pow with no real icy spots to speak of and was an absolute blast to ski. Skied this a few more times then ventured over to bravo and heavens gate. Decided to test my luck on paradise and was blown away. Between the snow yesterday and all the snow they had been blowing on ripcord there was a ton of snow. There was the occasional rock or ice patch but that's to be expected on paradise. Took another run up heavens gate and all the way down jester to snowball. Was nice and smooth and they didn't groom snowball so there was a lot of nice new snow. After lunch hit up lower organ grinder and murphy's glade (lots of snow but over some serious ice) but it was too cold over there so I went back to north Lynx and skied birch run and sunrise a few more times. Birch was surprisingly good with a nice mix of groomed and ungroomed. Sunrise was still great although a bit skied of but still plenty of powder to be found. All in all one of the best days I've had in recent memory. What a difference 6 inches of snow makes!

Sunrise in the morning



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