Sugarbush 12/22/14 Nothing to see here. Move along now.

Not my best day at SB. They got hit with drizzle over the weekend which made the trails "smooth and fast." Scratchy and crunchy all over. I put away my new Lines and pulled out my frontside GS rockets. Worked much better.

We skied pretty much all of Lincoln Peak. Most moguls were bulletproof. For example, upper and lower Birdland sucked. Wall to wall moguls, ranging from 2-4', immoveable objects. Very little loose stuff to turn on.

You had to work to put down a good edge. Or, if you're half my age you can muscle your way down. No You guys who did TR from Okemo and Cannon must have been on a different planet. I congratulate you. We did the best we could to ski, but frankly, it's not going to matter much after tomorrow.

They are blowing lots of whales and hoping for the best.

Th only trails that skied half decently were those that had overnight snowmaking and grooming. The stuff coming out of the snow guns was really moist. Some generosity must prevail though, it's not SB's fault. Skiing on Mondays is always a crappy day, since everything is beatup over the weekend.

I took a couple woods runs and they were skiing great. The tree canopy does an amazingly good job of keeping the frozen damage down to a minimum. Going off the "labeled" glades is still rather sketchy, with lots of drainage ditches still exposed.

Now, for whoever commented about 100% open, yeah, well, SB is 100% open. Every trail has good cover, they're just not skiable. Well, at least for this old fart.

Pictures won't help much here, so I'll just throw in a few random photos from the day.

No lift lines all day. Anywhere.

Gingerbread house by Lift Ops :)

The emerald city. Sure gets dark early.

I found a pretty good shortcut home!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
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