Sugarbush err.. I mean Killington – Jan 24 2015

Planned on getting to Sugarbush and woke up early enough to do so. But I-91 north of Northampton MA and well into Vermont was really slushy snow, fastest I could go in my Subaru was like 50mph in Mass and 60-65 in Vermont where it was lighter stuff. Being that we were set back on time a bit, we pulled the trigger on the Rockingham exit and went to Killington to save an hour of travel.

There was nobody on the roads but somehow Killington was mobbed. We got there at 8:50 too. One of the busiest days I've ever seen there.

Conditions were mostly packed pow on the trails, a few scratchy areas in the high traffic junctions, woods had powder stashes but were mostly tracked out powder. Enjoyable stuff. Lower Powerline (which I guess isn't really a trail) was being skied so I took my 2nd run through Powerline proper and the lower part. Really soft bumps on the lower part. Took a tumble in there and fell into a big pile of snow. Still not warmed up after only 3 1/2 hours sleep the night before.

And that was our only ride up the K1 Gondola. Took runs off North Ridge, Superstar, Snowdon, Ramshead primarily. I wanted to Catwalk but after seeing the gondola line after like 10:00am was starting way up past the Waffle Hut, and didn't recede for the whole day, I gave up on going to the top.

So I was with Patricia and if you read my last week Mt Snow report, she's just getting into woods. Her skiing improved dramatically today. Taking parallel turns much more. Lower angle woods like Squeeze Play on Ramshead she handled no problems. We graduated over to "Somewhere" and "Nowhere" off Superstar and she was good in those too. Then we went down "Skye Bits"... this one was admittedly too steep. Borderline double diamond IMO although it's a single on the map. I felt a little bad taking her into that one, and she took a spill at one point and almost hurt her knee. But she didn't abandon the skis-- put em back on and with my help navigated our way down the steep part.

A quick beer at the Umbrella and we made our way over the Snowdon for more woods. Patsys was great. Tin Man was also really nice. I think there's maybe 1 or 2 I'm forgetting. So hey my girl on her 11th day of skiing can handle Patsys and most single diamond woods. Kicking butt!

I have a few pictures and as usual we're posing but you can see the conditions were great.

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