Sugarbush – Lincoln 1/21, Ellen 1/22

Damn I forgot how much I love this place.

After spending the start of my season at bunny hills close to home, it was tieme to get out to a real mtn.

got up late Friday night, checked into the inn and headed down to the Hyde away for some local vt craft tasting... conehead IPA was beer of the weekend that I hadn't had before... oh yeah, this is a trip report...

got a pretty early start, thought it may be busy on southside on a mid Jan sat... lodge was busy, but not much lines riding singles like all day... foggy base area, mist made me glad I was wearing a shell, snow was soft, groomers were great carving, but visibility a bit low.. started off with a snowball/spring fling lap before graduating to steins. Stein's had giant snowmaking whales and was bumped up nice... advanced on to organgrinder, and the rest of heavens gate--- figured paradise may be a good indicator of castle rock... verdict? On to the rock!
only hit Castlerock run, but it was bumped up nice with pretty great coverage... next dump will bring castle rock into its element for sure.... wish I had more time, but headed down to get my lil one onto the magic carpet...

teaching gimmicks, edgie wedgie and racer chaser both served well.... after a few runs he was ready for his first lifetime chairlift.... by the end of the day, he was hungry for more.... so was I.

enjiyed some Lawson's and more cone head-- heady was sold out... opted to call it a day....

next day -- mt Ellen!
Pics and more coming...

The bottom was socked in fog, missed the lower mountain first chair, but arrived right on time for the upper mountain first (4th) chair.... coming out of the fog and into this made me glad that I got out here again early-- rim run to a beautifully groomed elbow to start the day-- the fog layer stayed low most of the day, and upper FIS was in the clear and awesome-- soft bumps on skiers left and was groomed at some point on the right for those who would prefer that... FIS was prime. Double diamond under the lift was challenging as always, a reminder that a long bump line like that can kill your legs pretty quick-- Another hit of elbow before becoming exterminated! Exterminator was awesome, great bumps-- and a fantastic view to MRG, Stowe and even Jay in the distance above the fog clouds....
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