Sugarbush – Mt. Ellen 1.7.13

Date(s) Skied: 1.7.13
Resort or Ski Area: Sugarbush - Mt. Ellen
Conditions: cold, some wind, pow, pack pow, bumps
Trip Report: First time visit to Mt. Ellen, or as i prefer to call it, Sugarbush North.

Drove up this morning, arrived around 10:30. Pretty sure trails were 100% open HOWEVER the Inverness lift was closed.

Booted up and headed up the mountain to the peak of Mt. Ellen. Conditions were excellent, the amount of snow was amazing. Snow was soft and plentiful. Found some bumps (not hard to do, they are everywhere) and some cruisers and some woods.

It was recommended to try some trails off Inverness but since the lift wasn't working and the trek out on Northway kind of sucked we only went there once. We hit semi-tough woods which was fun and mostly untracked.

Later we did FIS to Lower FIS. it was bumped up the whole way except for the connecting section of Lower Rim RUn. Legs and feet were aching big time. The runout at the end of Lower FIS sucked and i swore i wasn't going back there. Unfortunately, not knowing the mountain well, i thought Southbound cut to Tumbler but we ended up on Lower FIS a 2nd time. :roll:

Slidebrook was running today but we didn't use it.

Not sure what happened over the summer but Jake is skiing way better than last year. I'm not ready to say he's better than me but he is in much better shape and wore me out.

My take away impression - Mt. Ellen is a tough mountain, lots of great terrain and definitely worth visiting.

The one negative - apparently Sugarbush does not have a Mt. Ellen pin to add to my collection. best i could do was get a pin referencing FIS.

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