Sugarloaf 1/30-1/31/2016


Conditions: 3 inches of new tilled in on groomers for very good runs. The new snow and warmer temps helped to make natural trails ski nice.

Trip Report:

This was the trip that almost wasn't. Wife and son still wanted to go so it happened. What I did not tell my wife about was the Firm conditions that were reported and the broken leg incident on Thursday/Friday cannot recall. Luckily, it was snowing with about an hour left in our drive making it slow at times. It continued to snow into the night. Was nice to see some familiar faces and meet new people at the reception.

We started our day making runs off the Super Quad on trails like Hayburner, King's Landing and Tote Road. We then moved to Timberline where it was colder due to wind. We skied Binder and Tote Road before heading into Bullwinkles.

We ran into Nick, Ryan and Brian and headed out to make turns with them. Runs skied were Sheerboom, Gondi Line, Winters Way, Misery Whip, Bubblecuffer, Widowmaker and Backhaul off Skyline and King Pine lifts except the first run off Super Quad. Actually the last two runs I skied with my wife. She was not to keen about narrow natural trails but willing to do other diamond trails. We had a blast and our son did a good job keeping up with the big boys! We ended our day doing a couple simple runs off Wiffletree on Wiffletree, Poleline, Lombard X-cut and back to our condo for Jacuzzi time before the Apres ski party. Sorry Nick for leaving early but we wanted to get to The Rack and were told it can be hard to get in.

The next day was the First Tracks day where we skied most of the same trails mentioned earlier and added Boomauger, Old Winters Way, Sluice, Timberline and Scoot. We left around 1 to head home.

Overall conditions were near perfect and the best of this season so far. Groomers skied really well and the natural trails while there was grass and small trees sticking through the snow, it did not hinder the fun. Really glad we went after all and really glad we got new snow which they tilled into the groomers.

Thanks for another fun event.






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